About Us

Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Limited is a company owned by Geoff Hill, a lifestyle block owner who, like so many others setting up lifestyle properties, has found them to be very demanding on time, muscle power and money and has found a reliable tractor

The problem is in striking a balance between quality and cost. In battling with this dilemma, Geoff found the solution through the importation of farm machinery directly from China, which he has been doing for over ten years. In the time that Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery has been operating, Geoff has been making regular visits to China to meet with suppliers and to discuss particular requirements for machinery to be used in the New Zealand environment.  This allows him to offer a good range of products of good quality at extremely competitive prices.

Our products offer the range of features provided by the more traditional manufacturers, but do not have on-board computers or complicated mechanisms which are prone to break down, and their simplicity and practicality means that even the novice is able to maintain our machinery.

Experience has shown a reluctance by some customers in purchasing a Chinese product out of concerns about quality and the availability of spare parts, however, the reality is that the Chinese have grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturer of farm machinery, and they export all over the world, including to Europe and the U.S.A. Their machinery has improved in quality in leaps and bounds, and the selective buying by Lifestyle Tractors provides a very good quality product at an extremely competitive price.

Furthermore, the Chinese are now producing engines that rival the Japanese in quality, and spare parts are not a problem. In fact, a lot of spare parts are available locally, but we carry a wide range of spare parts for every item that we sell, and if we don't have a part in stock, we can source it directly from China and have it air-freighted to New Zealand within seven days. I actually believe that our parts service is at least as good as most farm machinery retailers.

At Lifestyle Tractors, we take pride in the service that we provide to our customers.  Many of our customers have become good friends over the years, and frequently call for advice or information about new products. Give Geoff a call and see for yourself.