HMS Bounty


Hand crafted scale model of the sailing ship HMS Bounty. Constructed of natural wood with exceptional detail and extremely high quality. The deck and hull are made of genuine miniature wood planking, adding to the natural look of the model.

The model comes fully assembled and ready for display. It would be ideal for a collector or would simply be a wonderful ornament and a real talking point for visitors.


Built in 1784, the Bounty was originally a three-mastered cargo ship, the Bethia, purchased by the British Royal Navy, then modified and commissioned in August 1787 and renamed HMS Bounty to be used for a botanical mission to the Pacific Ocean. 27.69m in length, a beam of 7.42m and a weight of 94 tons.

On December 24, 1787, the Bounty set sail for Cape Horn with her crew of 44 men under the command of Captain Bligh. Her orders were to call at the Tahiti Islands, bag as many breadfruit trees as she could carry and then transport them to the West Indies where they were to be cultivated in large plantations as a supply of food for the slaves. On arriving at Tahiti, after a 10 month voyage, Captain Bligh discovered that he would have to wait 6 mths. before the young breadfruit trees were ready for harvesting. He therefore had no choice but to spend this length of time on the island. But life there proved to be so idyllic that at the crew became reluctant to leave.

On April 18, 1789, during the return voyage, the infamous mutiny took place. Captain Bligh and 18 loyal members of the crew were cast adrift with 150 lbs. of biscuits, 20 lbs. of salted meat and 120 litres of water. They were also given a compass, sextant and the logbook of the Bounty.
The mutinous crew found a safe hiding place on the Island of Pitcain and there they unloaded the  cargo before setting fire to the Bounty in January 1790.



Model: SB0060P
Dimensions (LxHxW)(mm) : 720 x 650 x 180
Surface treatment: Painted
PRICE: $420.00 (GST inclusive)


Model: SB0080P
Dimensions (LxHxW)(mm): 950 x 730 x 250
Surface treatment: Painted
PRICE: $495.00 (GST inslusive)


Model: SB0080W
Dimensions (LxHxW)(mm): 950 x 730 x 250
Surface treatment: Unpainted
PRICE: $495.00 (GST inclusive)

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